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Not Missing the Junction

“Why would we spend our lives encouraging and setting examples for people to marry and settle down, only for the goal posts to move when we truly know God. (Or maybe most people don’t marry until they truly know God). … Continue reading

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Missing the Junction

Today I went to collect my student Id card.  The college is already beginning to feel like a place to which I feel warm and familiar towards. Even the sisters that I see walking up the road (to whom I … Continue reading

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The Shepherd’s Fold

  Noble Lover, my soul you do undress And clothe me in your masculine shroud Of dignity.  Carressed.   Beautiful being, of ever Godly strength My penance you so greatly forge Ennobling in recompense.   When gentle man, my sorrows … Continue reading

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Self Portrait 2001 AD

                                            Him in me                                 … Continue reading

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Painting Myself In The Best Possible Light

Taking the children to school one day in the car, I was mortified by a conversation the local male/female duo were having on the radio, a debate about which age women should cease to wear their hair long, and should … Continue reading

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Him In All Things

The six miles spiritual v physical dog walk on days feels sublimely articulate, sharply defined and easy, where thoughts flow in and out, as the steady pulse of cars hypnotically pass, like rosary beads slipping through obedient disciplined fingers.  Light-footed … Continue reading

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