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A Weak Under a Rainbow

Last week we were fortunate enough to have a family holiday in Cornwall, our first and much-needed holiday in six years.  I was in my element and delighted with wonder, as completely by chance (when exploring) I discovered we were … Continue reading

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Seeing the Wood for the Trees

Seeking a little peace from a little hell one day, I pulled over to a random country lay by in my car. And God reached me right there in the moment.  Miracle. Thank God for my iPhone camera. Cameras which … Continue reading

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Heaven in the Hedgerows

Wild flowers. Matthew 13:11-13   He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and … Continue reading

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Him in all Things?

It is beautiful on my morning walk at the moment.  The rain and intermittent hot sunshine has made for breath-taking lemon and lime green brush strokes of wheat, ink tipped with a darker green.  Green wheat billowing in a Mexican wave … Continue reading

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Of Gods and Men and Moons

Last night I went to see the beautiful film Of Gods and Men for the third time.  It is such a beautiful film.  All of its beauty transcends all of the brutalness. I watched it in a very peaceful, contemporary, sacred space. … Continue reading

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Hocus Pocus

                † Crocus Heaven, pushing through the soil on my Lenten desert spring walk this morning. Little pockets of golden nestled treasure and Lenten purple cloaked bulbs, like closed fingers in prayer, wanting … Continue reading

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Love in a Mist of Wild Flowers

Above my writing desk is this 12″ by 10″ framed, bordered photo of a little patch of Heaven.  An up close lens focused upon a dense patch of beautiful wildly seeded cottage garden flowers. The photo is a professional one … Continue reading

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