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Firstsite Contemporary Art Gallery

When the inspirations lacking and the spirit needs lifting, what’s the best thing to do after praying and Loving  …….. dancing and walking maybe ……..  serving and studying maybe …… or Don your freebie head ……. grab your kids and head to the newest most … Continue reading

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A Creature I So Know

It surely, in a world so abundantly rich in diversity, must be a grave sin to feel so uninspired.  I had a sudden bout of  writers block.  The first bloggers block in nine months of blogging in fact.  Writers block … Continue reading

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A Creature I Dont Know

I love Laura Marling singer-song writer.  Her lyrics are a wonderful rich tapestry of poetry enwrapped in the tales of the beast.  The beast being ‘love’.  At any point in any song she could be singing about her beloved,  you … Continue reading

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Violence, Dignity, Sex & Original Sin

I recently watched the film Tyrannosaur.  It is a film which has the power to make one come away and question, intersect, and pinpoint the acute pain, that can metamorph itself into a festering evil,  sometimes unrestrained, sometimes disguised, behind … Continue reading

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Cynicism and The Philosopher’s tone

I am on a wonder fuelled and very frightening journey.  I am having to be very trusting, very honest, and very open, whilst feeling very blind, very cautious, and very vulnerable. Sensitive.   Exposed on an unfamiliar level.   Not … Continue reading

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Women Changing India

I happened upon an inspirational photographic exhibition in September, courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery at Sloane Square, London.  Women Changing India.  A focus on the changing role on women in Indian society.  The energizing spicy tempera and henna colours made … Continue reading

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