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Anna Calvi

28 year old Londoner Anna Calvi was a BBC nominee for the voice of 2011.  In January Domino Records released her unique debut album Anna Calvi.  Co produced by PJ Harvey’s long term collaborator Rob Ellis.      It’s so … Continue reading

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Gods presence & our transcendence

In my last post I talked about St Dominic and his 9 ways of prayer, and of how it provided us with an understanding of how both physical and mental prayer combined, acted as a visible conduit between St Dominic … Continue reading

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St Dominic & 9 ways of prayer

Last week I had the privilege of an afternoon spent looking at excerpts of St Dominic and his 9 ways of prayer.    This venerable document was actually written by an anonymous author between 1260 and 1288 probably at Bologna. … Continue reading

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Radiohead + Lamentation

What with the last post Love Like Poison ‘s creep Radiohead cover, and with Santo Jude’s need & Thom Yorke music relay, and then the Bridges and Tangents  Wedding vows post……. it’s most definitely a red wine and Radiohead moment. Perfect. And then a little Latitude, and … Continue reading

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Love Like Poison

A  gentle beautiful film,  so tender.  So accurate, it becomes real. “Suffering is human, you must accept it as proof of humanity.  Not wanting to suffer is understandable, of course.  But its also linked to pride.” “God wants us to have … Continue reading

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6 years ago today

Today All the white petals fell from the rose My beautiful rose. And all that was left of the strong stem Was an invisible spiral aspiring heaven bound Umbilical Connecting the clay to beyond the stars. 12th May 2005

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Women in the early Christian Church had a significant place alongside Jesus Christ, with their unyielding faith.  As intuitive witnesses and natural sharers of their faith, Jesus entrusted this mission to women and they responded with deepest enduring fidelity. These were … Continue reading

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Peter Owen-Jones has a book still currently on the shelves, entitled Psalm, by O Books, 2005, ISBN 1903816912 This is a beautiful compelling translation of just 11 of the ancient psalms which he has ‘recast’ into a contemporary idiom.   The … Continue reading

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And Beautiful

Following on from the ‘Clever’ post I thought that these words from the Bishop of London were so poignant and beautiful. ‘We shall not be converted to the promise of the future by more knowledge, but rather by an increase … Continue reading

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