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St Thérese of Lisieux

The train lines at the weekend are being worked upon.  The line I need is closed.  So every Saturday morning I have to walk down Kensington Church Street from Notting Hill in order to get to where I have got … Continue reading

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The Devil of the Stats

I have been writing my blog now for 9 months, (the same length of time it took, for each of my babies to be brought to life through my body) 72 posts in total to date.  Nobody knows about this … Continue reading

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An Eve of Poetry & Literature (2)

At a recent poetry and literature evening, I was asked to perform some of my poetry.  I have never done this publicly before.  On my 40th birthday I had an exhibition where I displayed some of my poetry alongside my … Continue reading

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An Eve of Poetry & Literature (1)

My dear friend, an author who is in the process of having her first novel published, was invited to read a chapter of her forthcoming book to a select audience, at an intimate evening of literature and poetry.  In a … Continue reading

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Something Beautiful for God

It is so very penetrating and momentous when God communicates with us through the scriptures.  I mean not just the everyday tuning in, where any one of us might gather water to quench our thirst.   But the days when … Continue reading

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Pray As You Go

Get God on your pod! One of the blessings I was given at a time when I desperately wanted a deeper more structured connection with God, and it appeared logistically impractical was  Pray-as-you-go . . . daily prayer for your MP3 player It is … Continue reading

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Filling Holes & Healing Souls

It’s a small parish.  The week day congregation is but a handful. “There isn’t one of us here that isn’t deeply hurting and broken inside by something …….” went the beautifully poignant homily.  Everybody sitting before me lowers their head … Continue reading

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Seeking Inspiration from Last Years Christmas Letter

Christmas Letter December 2010 It’s the first year that I have ever had ‘writers block’ for my Christmas letter. Usually it just flows, but this year I’ve waited, and I’ve waited and still the ink does not flow. So I … Continue reading

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