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Something Understood : Yearning Lucy Mangan examines that sense of longing on the cusp between pleasure and pain. ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ † And then beyond something understood, beyond all-yearning, beyond all-hope, beyond all-knowing, is something quite other; it is extraordinary, it is … Continue reading

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The Franciscans, St Francis, and God who is Love

Ponder this question and by the end of the post it shall be answered;  If Jesus were to come to your home tonight for dinner, what would he be looking for, or what could he expect to find? Today I … Continue reading

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The Dominicans, Mary Magdalene, and a New Charism for Women

I recently discovered that the Dominicans have a deeper Love and devotion for Mary Magdalene.  From the very beginnings of the Dominican Order Mary Magdalene has been recognised for her special place as True friend of Christ.  She is patron … Continue reading

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The human Soul made Immortal through Love †

It would be so very easy to believe that something inside has died. But being me I strive to believe that although for me St Valentine may have lost his earthly appeal, he has shrouded and enveloped me in his eternal, … Continue reading

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—————-†he Line Crossed

Sometimes I have been known to cross the line . . . Whoops! 0–:O/     Sorry. On occasions in a lesser way, my children have too.  It’s tricky to know when to let them fall and when to catch … Continue reading

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