Epiphany 2013

This blog post is dedicated to 3 very special angels Carl, Kerry-Anne and Sam.


It is Epiphany.

I took down the prayer tree from our beautiful Holy little church, there were 153 beautiful prayers.  I saved the prayers to read through them (not that any were my business) but seeing as I am doing a Pastoral Mission degree with the Catholic Church, I though I may be able to write a reflection about them.  There was something quite difficult about the thought of throwing the prayers in the bin, even though they were so beautifully offered up at Mass several times throughout Christmas.  I will check first with my parish priest what should be the correct thing to do with the prayers, and if they are done with, then the children and I will send them up to God via the chimney.

Just for now I have cut off all the little ties and placed them in a little clear box in front of my illuminated Jesus picture.  This is the picture which miraculously lit up one night after I returned from my Rome pilgrimage, where I had placed it in front of an old computer screen which randomly fired up.  Now I have this picture resting against a touch lamp and the shape of the light pouring through the picture gives Christ His halo.

But before we send them up to God once and for all, I should like to share with you how the prayers were so beautifully understated, so very full of humility, and so so simple. Each one was such an unselfish request.  The different beautiful handwriting on each little card sharing its own character, its own faith, its own hope.   The different pressures of the pen, the different level of education, the different age of the writers, the different words chosen, the different stories and prayer.  All contained Love . . . Love beyond measure.

This is not a me blog, this is a short blog of gratitude for the many beautiful, very special people who dared to bless our prayer tree with their reverent words this Christmas.

May God answer all of your prayers, and may He bless you all in your kindness.

Here are just a few that deeply touched me . . .

“T0 3 very special angels Carl, Kerry-Anne and Sam, Miss you, Think of you!”

“ples give mony for por cids !!!”

“For unity between our churches”

“Please pray for Susan’s family as they mourn, she died on the 2nd December in the Arlesford crash”

“We pray for all the people in need at this time”

“For people never to grow hungry”

“God Bless us every one”

“Lord Jesuse we pray for thos ho are sik”

“Give me courage Lord – please”

“Thank you dear Lord for all your love and help in the years, Bless lonely and sad people, shine your love on them, Amen.  I Love and adore you.”

and this is the last one that I would like to share with you all . . .

“May everyone and everything be held in your Love Lord our God, and may your Holy Will be done.  Amen.  Thank you for loving us all.”


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1 Response to Epiphany 2013

  1. Stephanie Jill Rudd says:

    Beautiful. The photo shows it at its best as well. Thats nice to see in the blog.

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