Not Missing the Junction

“Why would we spend our lives encouraging and setting examples for people to marry and settle down, only for the goal posts to move when we truly know God. (Or maybe most people don’t marry until they truly know God).  Life is a pathetic game of dangling carrots, us just the rabbits eating, dot to dotting to each one, and as they dangle further away, we seek by following even closer.  The end result death.  A life gone by chasing carrots.  Trying to see in the dark.”

That was what I wrote in frustration on my previous blog.

This was the written response I happened upon directly after finishing my blog. I was meditating upon and researching  The Woman at the Well  and this jumped of the page of internet study notes, right at me.

“And so she asks Jesus (a prophet, in her mind) to give her the authoritative word on who is right, the Jews or the Samaritans. Her question does not look like a rabbit trail to me; rather it seems an honest effort to get to the heart of the difference between the “faith” of the Samaritans and the “faith” of the Jews.”

From  (john 4:1-42)  study notes.
Thank you my Lord    :O)    x

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