a Miracle, a Baby, a Miracle

Luke 2:12-16

And this shall be a signe vnto you; yee shall find the babe wrapped in swadling clothes lying in a manger.

– 1611 King James Bible

My last-born


I often think of Mary and her feelings of absolute pure virgin Love for her special baby, Love that only a mother whom having nurtured and carried her child in her womb for many months may know.  A mother whose body bears one heart beat through Him becoming two.  A miracle.

Love is the closest to God I have ever been.


So precious
A warmth of the most perfect temperature
Unimaginable unless experienced
Life’s treasure
The ultimate pleasure
So knowingly
Deeper more surer than instinct
A blessing-your first night
One now two, but still one
To hold your new baby
The silent sharing secret time together
For eternity I am now your mother
So sacred, so real
I thank you for my completeness
So peaceful, so true, so deep
I thank you.

I Love you.

 Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.



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