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Spirals with God

On my apple laptop, if I am operating too quickly for the internet connection, a little spiral circular Catherine Wheel appears.  It is a rainbow spectrum of energy which whizzes and spirals around and around.  It is a radiant energy. I … Continue reading

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Allegorical personification of Hope: “Hope in a Prison of Despair” by Evelyn de Morgan A few blogs back I wrote Dying Gracefully. It was about a very special elderly lady who was coming to the end of her life.  I have visited this dear … Continue reading

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Edgar Degar 1834-1917

Wonderful      Wonderful     Wonderful. Funds and circumstances havent allowed me to step outside of Britain for 18 years.  But last week my daughter was blessed with a very special gift from her 91-year-old fairy Godmother.  A weekend … Continue reading

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Firstsite Contemporary Art Gallery

When the inspirations lacking and the spirit needs lifting, what’s the best thing to do after praying and Loving  …….. dancing and walking maybe ……..  serving and studying maybe …… or Don your freebie head ……. grab your kids and head to the newest most … Continue reading

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Women Changing India

I happened upon an inspirational photographic exhibition in September, courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery at Sloane Square, London.  Women Changing India.  A focus on the changing role on women in Indian society.  The energizing spicy tempera and henna colours made … Continue reading

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Self Portrait 2001 AD

                                            Him in me                                 … Continue reading

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Treasures of Heaven, Relics & Saint Christopher

I am just reading CHRIST a British Museum Book written by Rowena Loverance.  It caught my attention after my recent wonderful visit to the Treasures of Heaven exhibition. A wonderful exhibition of relics and their lavish reliquaries. British Museum – Treasures … Continue reading

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