Spirals with God

St Catherine Stained glass

On my apple laptop, if I am operating too quickly for the internet connection, a little spiral circular Catherine Wheel appears.  It is a rainbow spectrum of energy which whizzes and spirals around and around.  It is a radiant energy.

I have just discovered something most beautiful.

When that very same spiral spectrum of energy is moved by my cursor to the central point on the design on my magsmuse page header,  it is exactly the same size as the central circle of the design.  And when I left it whizzing around right there at the centre, its energy became One with the mandala, and this beautiful rainbow energy spiraled and splayed outwards and outwards, making my header become quite Alive.


We are too often subliminally moved and energised by what we view without us even knowing else realising it.  But when we learn to tune into everything in a consciously unconscious way with our extra-senses, we see beyond what others believe is possible to see.  And we understand in great detail the secret movements of the world, and often the collusion to assisting God in His plan.

But if  YOU  had real True faith in God, no collusion would be necessary.  Just to live in Love and kindness, is to live in Him.  And right there the beautiful spirals of miracle energy that radiate outwards – be all that is needed to be

One with God.


About mags

Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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