Pray As You Go

Get God on your pod!

One of the blessings I was given at a time when I desperately wanted a deeper more structured connection with God, and it appeared logistically impractical was  Pray-as-you-go . . . daily prayer for your MP3 player

It is a fantastically ambient daily short (10 minute) meditation and reflection on today’s gospel. You can touch base daily or download the whole week to your iPod.  I used to listen in daily, and longed for the 10 minute sanctuary that it offered me in my busy baby schedule.  Now that I am able to go to Mass daily I do not always seek this space, but it still remains a precious resource which I tap into from time to time. And so often it mysteriously coincidentally speaks so very intimately and personally to me. So if you need a little inspiration, a little deeper connection or a deeper more reflective angle, tune in to this God Slot.  I was once told that if we feed our God slot with God, something unexplainable happens.

It does!   :O) x

Oh the Alchemy of God.



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