An Eve of Poetry & Literature (2)

At a recent poetry and literature evening, I was asked to perform some of my poetry.  I have never done this publicly before.  On my 40th birthday I had an exhibition where I displayed some of my poetry alongside my photography, but I have never before dared to publicly read any.  It was a very secular setting and in truth I was desperately worried about how my poetry would (or more likely wouldn’t) be received.  It was received, and you can see how just here.. An Eve of Poetry & Literature (1) ……   I have even been invited back to read some more at the Christmas fest.  How beautifully fitting.  x

You can read the first selection of poems below.

Marriage: Unique for a Reason

The Shepherd’s Fold

Noble Lover, my soul you do undress

And clothe me in your masculine shroud

Of dignity.  caressed.


Beautiful being, of ever Godly strength

My penance you so greatly forge

Ennobling in recompense.


When gentle man, my sorrows you dare lift

Tender is the shepherd’s hold

Life giving, is His kiss.


Beloved shepherd, my yearning soul you do re-dress

Shroud me in thou secret ways

Make me your shepherdess.


Darling spouse, my entirety you bless

Lead me unto your sacred fold

My honeymoon and rest.


My radiant Lord, with edifying breath

You burnish me with Golden hues

Make Love

The death of death.


Amen x 

My heart I place within your hands
It beats outside of myself, to the rhythm of your name.

My sleep is laced with filigree paths
Each and every golden one leading me to you.

A maze of latticed Love.

Breath by breath I dance, leap, wait, sleep.

Your presence alone quietens my seeking spirit.

Your solitary peaceful peace imbued upon my peaceful solitude

I want and need and pray for

Your mercy tangible
Your friendship transcendent
Your Love perpetual
Amen x



Imagine I were denied/To bathe your feet within the fountain of my tears/Where sorrow over-spilled my littered eyes/Where fell the spirals of my hair/Which softly dried the drops, which kissed your skin/Which rest so bare.

Imagine I were denied/Of sitting idle at your feet, when you were near/Drinking parables and psalms till I was full/Whilst busy others wildly glare/That I should contemplate your lessons full of Love/They couldn’t bear.

Imagine I were denied/To gather water from the everlasting well/To learn the error of past days, to be restored/To lead all souls, to you who lost their way/ Anoint your feet in purest nard; embalm your flesh with all my Love/In prophesy, upon the risen day.

Imagine I were denied/To eat the bread, to drink the wine of the Divine/In memory of you, my dearest friend/To be received within your flock, be at the cross/To be denied against your will, to be concealed/Upon this rock.

Imagine I were denied/A Loving friendship in our times, because of fear/When 2000 years ago, Christ did bestow/Against His culture, all He knew/To Mary the apostle of His soul,/Beloved faithful, of the few.

Imagine I were denied/To be hung upon my cross, a Grace bestowed/To be condemned for Being True/To have enduring faith In Him, despite my sin./ Denied of writing poems, pouring wine/Of Loving you.

Imagine history that lied./His crucifixion been denied/His resurrection be defied/For there to be no Easter Tide./What prisoners we would be.

Imagine life, now we are free./Imagine


The Kiss of Life

Again and again you kiss me on the mouth
You reverently breathe life into me
You teach me how to breathe
You lovingly impart the word
The word made flesh
You spirit me Holy.

Blessed invocations.

My response is intrinsic
My body arcs towards you
My tender soul surrenders
Your spirit is upon me
Again and again you kiss me on the mouth

Loved more than any other.

I am a vessel overflowing with your promise
I will pour the wine for many.
My vocation is to Love.


My Psalm of longing 

For when death comes, He will not apologise/He will be all-powerful and strong and sure/Though before I am taken from my world……

In my quietness, I want to lay skin to skin with you beneath the stars./In my gentleness I want to awake with you soul to soul/In my soulfulness, I want to swim naked with you in the moonlight./In my stillness, I want to breathe you in and breathe God back into you./In my softness I want to kiss your eyelids whilst you are sleeping./

With all of my care my Beloved, I want to gently touch you, to soften your hurting, to awaken your spirit, to warm your life./Without any reason I want to cradle your life in my Love, and breathe trust and closeness, and faith in Love, back into your life./With all of my tenderness, I want to bless you with me, as I have been blessed with you./With The Holy Spirit, I want us to share promises and vows of eternity./For when Love is eternal, life is eternal./God is Love./

Only then with all my peace, will I truly know eternal life./For with my heart and soul I Love my dearest./Beyond my soul. I Love only you./And should my very prayer come true./When death comes, I will not apologise./I will be all-humble, all-powerful, all-strong and sure….Knowing God blesses True Love forever more.



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