Gods presence & our transcendence

In my last post I talked about St Dominic and his 9 ways of prayer, and of how it provided us with an understanding of how both physical and mental prayer combined, acted as a visible conduit between St Dominic and God.

The manuscript states

“the soul makes use of the members of the body to raise itself more devoutly to God.  In this way the soul, in moving the body, is moved by it” and thus we see how Dominic, sometimes in ecstasy, both expressed and received, in his intimate and intense love of God.

I believe that it is evident, that the sacred way in which we use our body, with reverence, aides our transcendent experiences.  And if that using ones body and mind in Loving worship in this way, has the power to move the soul, then so too in other heightened expressions of human experience and prayer, where Divine blessing is present, whereby our soul is moved, so too may we transcend.

The presence of God touching us is one that I have tangibly experienced without question or doubt, in all of its powerfulness, during three momentous beautiful and poignant occasions in my life.  I am not talking about Gods daily presence in my life, which is as light and as constant and as sure as the air.  But I am talking about the times when He tangibly reveals Himself to us, in all His awesome and mighty Truth, so that doubt is never an option ever again.

There are three occasions when I have felt the overwhelming power of His intimate presence, His assured closeness and His Holy Spirit blessing and tangibly at work in my life.  His presence came in the form of a wholly fulfilling, all surrounding, all encompassing, all securing, all truthful, transcendent, omnipresent, beautifying,
all loving, all completing, eternally charged nature. leaving the greatest peace in His wake. Undeliverable by people. It was supernatural.

A  transcendent presence of unexplainable energy which overfills one with immense tenderness, intense gratitude and an all encompassing, unifying, holistic warmth that one experiences from both within and outside, and beyond oneself at the same time. Love in its deepest truest form imaginable.

The occasions were  In birth.   In death.   In Love.

These were at the birth of each of my children, (and with most clarity, the one without pain relief).    At the premature death of my father (I was holding his hand as he passed over).    At the revelation of once in a lifetime God bestowed Love, solely experienced and realised between me and my beloved.    Each of these occasions and the time surrounding them, were filled with deepest (sometimes conscious, sometimes subconscious) prayer of the greatest clarity.  The deepest and most poignantly heightened, heart wrenching and momentous emotions, including those of helplessness, fear, hope, sorrow, joyous joy, ecstasy, euphoria, profound beauty and ultimate peace.  And overwhelmingly the deepest, most all-consuming feeling (on a unanimous level) of the purist Love, that I have ever experienced.

Love where God came and met me, secured me, held me tight, and keeps me intimately close.

As in the words of Kathleen Raine “Transcendent touch of love summons my world to being.

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