Women in the early Christian Church had a significant place alongside Jesus Christ, with their unyielding faith.  As intuitive witnesses and natural sharers of their faith, Jesus entrusted this mission to women and they responded with deepest enduring fidelity. These were “courageous women, who refused to let themselves be trapped by society’s norms and prejudices”  They were there for Jesus, from the cradle to the tomb, from the resurrection to the heavens. They were Jesus’ ever faithful.  They were Faith.

Not once did He buckle under the pressure of cultural prejudice, to allow for their Love and sexuality to cheaply threaten Him, or for it to become the primary focus of formal or public castigation. Neither did He allow for the different and complimentary dimensions of Love brought by these women to be seen as subservient or promiscuous.  Instead He was counter cultural, in an extraordinary way.  He gave them gentle words of wisdom, and then significant respect for their faithfulness to His word.  He was dignified and unapologetic for both His contravercial and intimate friendships, which would have been forbidden and rejected back then.

Because of His very radical Love, and the radical Love which these special women gave in response, we become witnesses (beyond todays prejudices and social boundaries) to both male and female as individuals, dependantly fulfilling their full potential.  In Jesus’ world, Gods plan of balance and restoration unfolds and triumphs. From a culture of masculine dominance, reason and control, to one where feminine and masculine qualities are equally valued and regarded, and complement one another, where together they create a wholesomeness. I believe that 2000 years ago Christ was teaching us that this complimentary balance and harmony was Gods intention for all cultures and all life, and most especially by example through our One Holy and Apostolic Church.  I believe that 2000 years later we need to look again at Christ’s example.


Imagine I were denied/To bathe your feet within the fountain of my tears/Where sorrow over-spilled my littered eyes/Where fell the spirals of my hair/Which softly dried the drops, which kissed your skin/Which rest so bare.

Imagine I were denied/Of sitting idle at your feet, when you were near/Drinking parables and psalms till I was full/Whilst busy others wildly glare/That I should contemplate your lessons full of Love/They couldn’t bear.

Imagine I were denied/To gather water from the everlasting well/To learn the error of past days, to be restored/To lead all souls, to you who lost their way/ Anoint your feet in purest nard; embalm your flesh with all my Love/In prophesy, upon the risen day.

Imagine I were denied/To eat the bread, to drink the wine of the Divine/In memory of you, my dearest friend/To be received within your flock, be at the cross/To be denied against your will, to be concealed/Upon this rock.

Imagine I were denied/A Loving friendship in our times, because of fear/When 2000 years ago, Christ did bestow/Against His culture, all He knew/To Mary the apostle of His soul,/Beloved faithful, of the few.

Imagine I were denied/To be hung upon my cross, a Grace bestowed/To be condemned for Being True/To have enduring faith In Him, despite my sin./ Denied of writing poems, pouring wine/Of Loving you.

Imagine history that lied./His crucifixion been denied/His resurrection be defied/For there to be no Easter Tide./What prisoners we would be.

Imagine life, now we are free./Imagine


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One Response to Imagine

  1. Stephanie Jill Rudd says:

    This is sublime beauty and yes-look again at Christs example.

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