Anna Calvi

28 year old Londoner Anna Calvi was a BBC nominee for the voice of 2011.  In January Domino Records released her unique debut album Anna Calvi.  Co produced by PJ Harvey’s long term collaborator Rob Ellis.      It’s so theatrical I Love it.

This album has balls, breathless female moody ones.  It combines all the boldness and passion of Florence, the attitude of P J Harvey, the string skills of Josh TP, at times a wink to Laura Marling, and in places Siouxsie overtones.  Everybody who is anybody it seems is hooked to her original vibe and wants to be a part of her journey, Nick Cave, Brian Eno, Arctic Monkeys to name but a few.  With inspiration taken from performers like Edith Piaf and Nina Simone and the directors of visually beautiful films like Gus Van Sant and Wong Kar-Wai and David Lynch.  Anna’s artistic presentation has a creative intelligence beyond that of her peers.

NME gave the album 9 out of 10 stating, “this self-titled collection of 10 songs is perhaps the first great record of 2011.” they described it as “sumptuous, seductive and a bit scary, this velvety debut will stalk your dreams.”  Uncut mag said, “This isn’t just a great debut. It’s a fearless rejection of current pop trends, fashioning a benchmark of intensity and originality that the rest of this year’s albums will struggle to match.”  The Observer described it as a “gutsy and sonorous start” and The Fly magazine called it an “arresting, sparse and darkly captivating listen.”  The Independent on Sunday claimed that for “serious lovers of music, Calvi is one to watch.” The album was Rough Trades album of the month in January, described as an “astonishingly confident, expressive and powerful record.”

Romantically dark and velvetly seductive.  What she lacks in poetry she recovers by oozing character with a powerhouse of tone and laconic lyrics.  A huge panther and jaguar of a presence, and such a gentle kitten of a person when interviewed. Her refined unique skill of circular strumming has deserved her a premier title in the music industry.  Check this out, I am re-naming it, ‘Josh T Pearson resurrected with Love’ :O) x


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