Following on from the cruel, distressing and disturbing last post, which as a female made me feel so angry and violated, I am posting this in celebration of both a male and a female’s dignity, and right to their sexuality.  An integral and profoundly holy part of being human.  A sexuality that God, Bless Him, blessed us with.

How dare we be denied of that beautiful mysterious gift.  How dare that gift be abused. How dare others use that beautiful gift as a reason to deny defile and degrade us.  How dare we be severed from that gift.  How dare in that severing of beauty, we be viewed solely as a sexualized object, or as an object to be detached from our sexuality. How dare we be tried because of our sexuality.  How dare somebody rape us.  How dare somebody try to cut away at that beauty with a razor.  How dare somebody use our sexuality as a reason for sacrifice.

The human form in all her naked shades, shapes and ages, has a beauty, a wisdom and mystique, which instantly commands the most reverent respect.  The same respect with which God created her, and brought her to life in His image.  A beauty & truth that even when naked, should not be allowed to be shamed or pornografied.  For if you dare to look beyond that nakedness, within that form lies the real beauty & truth, a dignified and unique person.

For in the very beginning He created her ever sacred, so that in her sacredness, she would give birth to, and nurture, all the world.

mother nature

An original Pencil on Paper sketch by Sam Crow

mother nature

mother nature

As a mother, our Beloved Spouse’s sacred words, hold an extra special depth and meaning for us, as we faithfully try in our sacred feminine vocation, to follow with all our Love in His footsteps.         “This is my body it will be given up for you”

ink art | Sam Crow Drawing with Stitches


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2 Responses to Tabernacle

  1. samcrowart says:

    beauttiful…let’s hope your words reach all those that will be touched the most, and those that need to be touched by them!
    thankyou for the mention amb! x

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