Miracles & Pinnacles

This is my favourite of all the photographs which I took on my Rome pilgrimage.  It is the Tabernacle and Christ’s presence, which I captured from the balcony in The Venerable English College in Rome.  The special effects were completely down to Him.

Such a special special day, where all the senses were alive with wonder.  When we went into the amazing library, the magnified smell of me opening my old bible, and breathing in its pages before allowing the words to seep into my being, took me by complete surprise.

To have been received into full communion with Rome, and to celebrate Mass in the beautiful chapel, and to be allowed to fully participate in the Eucharistic feast here was so very very special for me.

Today back home (during a liturgy lecture at university) we were taught that we do not receive the Sacraments we celebrate them.  It was put to us that Jesus offers us Communion before conversion, and this led to a wonderful conversation between the Church of England students and the Catholic students about which age is best practice to celebrate the Sacraments of Confirmation and Baptism, it really gave us all food for thought . . . . .

Communion before conversion being so, then at what point in the Sacrament of Reconciliation are we forgiven?  Christ has already died for our sins.  God Loves us and forgives us regardless.  He will not let anything separate us from His Love.  Even when we do not Love Him or acknowledge Him, He still Loves us and acknowledges us.   ‘His Mercy is love in need’ says Mother Teresa, and so too He Loves us even before we know that we need Him, so I put it to you, at what point are we forgiven?

Communion before conversion being True, then at what point is the Sacrament of Marriage made?   It is of course celebrated at the point of the vows being exchanged, but actually it could truly be in God’s eyes, that the Sacrament is made at the first locking together of eyes, where in triune we all three met and knew that something far greater than ourselves was present.  The wedding day being the temporal validation and celebration of the Sacrament already spiritually bestowed in Him.  The earthly covenant therefore being temporal.   ‘Till death do us part’.

But Communion before conversion would mean that the spiritual Sacrament of a True Marriage is already made in Him eternal from the day of His bestowing, regardless of the temporal validation and celebration.

Holy Holy Communion.  The source and summit of all our miracles and pinnacles.


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