A Little Peace of Perspective

My Rome pilgrimage meant that for the first time in 18 years I had to leave Great Britain. My not leaving Britain for such a long time was partly due to finances and priorities, partly to do with circumstances, and partly to do with maternal instincts, all wrapped up under the false belief that I had a fear of flying partly put their by me.  I have flown at least 10 times as a child, however when I first flew as an adult (after a 10 year sabbatical from wings), for personal reasons I saw the world slightly differently and decided I hated it (flying).  Then circumstances meant I could not challenge that over-bearing fear of not being in control of ones destiny whilst having not found life’s purpose.

But when you awake in Authentic Love and it is undeniably True, being in control of ones destiny is irrelevant. There is nothing else to discover.  And so dying at any point is to be outshone by the fact that we are found.  In Love.  In Belovedness.   And by living in this Love we are set free.  So flying filled me with all the wonder of a child again and as the plane roared into the sky from the slip way (whilst everyone else in my row shut their eyes tight, froze solid, and prayed for another day to be seen) I watched the patches on the patchwork be sewn together faster than fast.


God is Almighty.







From up there you got a small cabin window view-point, of part of His staggering vision. The ultimate artistry made in His image.  It is easy from here to see our personal insignificance in the grand scale of things.  But to come back down to earth is to see the pinnacle of His vision personified in each of our lives, and only then we realise that the relevance of each and every one of us is significant in His plan.  What we do and how we live matters, and whilst we (most of us) know this on a secular level, there is a far greater understanding of this beheld in Love, bestowed by Him.


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