Faith, Happiness Engineers & a Slight Technical Hitch

For the past 2 weeks I have had a  slight technical hitch on my blog.  A very frustrating technical hitch.

I cannot open my stats, or my follows, and shares, my clicks, or my categories and tags boxes?”

It has been a fraught time of backwards and forward conversing with some lovely cyber space people called happiness engineers.

All this coupled with 5 children on school summer holidays wanting Fun! Fun! Fun!

And an isolating university assignment to be in, (with no-one to answer my questions, which has left me totally un motivated) . . . .  deadline in 5 days time.

But tonight the happiness engineers have restored my stats page to new life, and I am orgasmically happy.

after what felt like forever of . . . .

“They are still working on it, sorry for the delay!”

Satiated!  well in a spiritually, cyberly kinda way.

Hip Hip Hooray for happiness engineers.  x x x


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Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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