A Poem . . . because all droughts are now in room 101


Once I was a bud.  Solid, tightly closed, safe

Pip, heart, seed, in the centre hidden

Beneath layers of ever-increasing budding growth

Layers of outer softer growth

Softening outwardly

Secretly ever concealing and protecting my core

Whilst being perfectly, outwardly bud for all.

Then He comes to me . . . through spring

Beckoning me, teasing me open

I’m in fear of no more being me;

A bud I so know how to be.

Layers ever renewing, regenerating strength

Whilst protecting the precious, fragile, perfect heart within

Hidden.  Sacredly privately being

Stored safely away, in a safe place


He then. . . takes all my buddingness away from me

One safe leafy layer at a time

His fingers barely touch the bud soft flesh

But like magic under His spell . . .

The bud in apprehensive, though unstoppable wonderment unfurls

She flowers.  So bright and bold and Beautiful and True . . . then all the petals fall

Leaving nothing . . . but    i n v i s i b l e

Where . . .

. . . He strolls with me blithely through the garden

He weaves the flowers through my hair

Their spirals are but kernels of His knowledge unfurling.

Undressing me, He reveals and delights in my skin so bare

And yet there is nakedness nowhere . . . to be seen

And there He Loves me.  He fills me with His peace

He Loves me again and again.

He makes warm Love to me with the sunshine

He kisses me all over with the rain

He traces and caresses my body in the grass

He strolls bare foot with me through the garden

He lays carefree with me in meadows wild

There in summers trace we sleep like child.

I in His temple, He in mine.

He pulls me close through every storm

He cares away inflicted grief

By fire’s hearth He keeps me warm

He dreams with me from dusk to dawn.

He courts me with playful dancing skies

Reveals His Love before my eyes . . . He inspires me.

He proposes to me with diamond set heavens

He marries me in His Cathedral of trees

He honey moons my every Eve

Impregnates me with belief.

He replenishes my soul with no restrain

It is here I am renewed to Love the world

It is here He makes Love with infinite Love

Again . . . and again . . . and again.

T’is here from bud I became.


About mags

Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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