Free Spirit

It’s Lent again.  Like Jesus I followed the Holy Spirit.  Presently I am in my acrid Lenten desert.  I have given up church and community for 40 days, maybe more.  I pray lots and walk lots.  I am constantly with God.  God is constantly with me.  Thank God for my sanctuary.

This season of Lent there have been beautiful expressions of Love at times.  And at times it’s been pants in the most sacred of places.

Being diminished to nothing more than a solitary presence, divided from all that is made of the same matter, but with a contemplating mind and a perspective of ones own, with no other comfort other than the origins of our life’s origin God,  we get to truly see the eternalness of everything and our absolute nothingness.

Love is All.  Our full potential of nothingness.  If we take Love away and act not with Love, we diminish our full potential of nothingness, to something worth nothing.  God is Love. We is Love (when we choose to be).  And we can choose to be a free spirit emanating Love, regardless of all of lower life’s restrictions, and prejudices, and oppression and fascism.

My free spirit is telling me Lectio Divina style, that I don’t need suppression and unkindness, hostility and sadness, exclusion and un-truth in my short life, stopping me from radiating Love. I don’t need anything.  For to Love tenderly is everything.

I choose tenderness.

I choose Love.    I choose eternity.

God is Love.

Jesus Christ.  Beloved.  Pray for me †


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Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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