Intimate Ultimate Unity

This past week has been Christian Unity week.  Today a service was held in my little Catholic Church for all the different denominations of Christians, to come together to celebrate Christ, and to worship in community.  When you have been raised outside of faith, in a secular culture, you have no presupposed tension when it comes to the lack of unity within the Christian tradition.  When your faith is so very bound to Christ, in union and Love, it becomes difficult to understand any divisions that others may feel.  It is, however, impossibly painful to be held separate against your will.  All divisions appear to me, to be divisions upheld and made by man, and not of God.

As an adult, when I was in my late 30’s I was chosen by God to embrace a faith, a faith which has inspired me, drawn me closer, and has spoken personally to me, where as other denominations and faiths which I had discovered did not.   Any one of the others I could have been received into with open arms …… I wasnt.  The one in which I was ‘received’ into with open arms, is the one that I am not allowed to be officially received into.

The Catholic faith would naturally be quite strangely out of character for me, someone who has always been less conventional, more alternative and of a less bound, freer nature, it was at first awkwardly amusing, then frustrating and perplexing and heart-breaking, that I should have found my way (or maybe been led) here.  And yet I feel God here.  And Love.

I am a Catholic.  A Catholic by choice.  Not by acknowledgement.  Not by initiation.  Not by birth right.  Not by separation.  But by spirit.  By my children.   By Christ.                     By unity then……. else maybe……. I am not a Catholic at all…..

……Maybe I have transcended all faiths.  Maybe I am before Catholic.  Maybe I am a Christ child, or a Christ bride, or a Christ wife, or maybe I am before child or bride or wife…… Maybe I am before Christianity….. Maybe I am before the rock….. Maybe I am before all religion…….Maybe I am before faith.

Born of God.

God who is Love.


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