Alpha & Omega, Adam & Christ

In the early days of writing my blog, I wrote     in response to Sir Jacob Epstein’s Adam sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts, British Modern Sculpture Exhibition.  In my observation I made a distinction between the arousal of base feelings of a purely physical nature, (which the sculpture provoked in me) in contrast to a (more than just physical) beloved, deeply intrinsic, intimately beautiful, dignified Love, aroused by the Love of Christ.  I however only briefly and tentatively touched upon the differences, between the different states of arousal between Adam and Christs Love.

It was possibly an unfair comparison, just to leave hanging, without explanation, so I will try to address it here.

Christ chose to live a life of Love with all, from the relative distance of some, to the intimacy of His dearest Loved ones, a life in which His Father, Him, and the Holy Spirit (Love) beyond between and through Him and each person, completed the Triune relationship.

Where as Adam in the beginning failed to choose God the Father as part of that triune love. Instead omitting Him, and choosing over Him the snake (sin), (representing an absence of God), along with Eve. (With hindsight, not unlike the original choosing of my own situation).

Choosing God the Father to be the third-party in any/every relationship is a profound difference between Christ and Adam.  I think there can sometimes be a major misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the bible when we look at Jesus as being fully human, as well as fully Divine.  Christ’s sinlessness doesn’t mean that He led a life of clinical distance, un-arousal and non-physical love with all whom He related.  It means that in Jesus’ pureness, His virgin Love for all was unsoiled, because He Loved with an unblemished pure and ever God filled heart.  A heart and soul whose Truth and Love always included God His Father, and the Holy Spirit of Love, between Him and the other person, in Triune relationship.    Never denying God by omitting Him or choosing over Him ‘the snake’. (Separation or absence from God)

It didn’t mean he never experienced the closeness of intimate Love, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  He became fully man!  The bible does not say He became fully eunuch, unsexed or asexual!  He fully understood the absolute every dimension of All Love, and responded always in Triune Love with God the Father.  Un-seperated from pure original authentic Love (virgin pure).  Un-seperated from God.

For me coming to faith late, it feels like the biggest lesson, the biggest awakening blessing, and in purgatory the biggest void in the world.  To be morally tied into a situation where the Triune Love is rejected.  Dismissed.  Incomplete.  Absent.  Not recognised. Denied. To be legally held and morally bound by a secular sin, from which I have no formal absolution from.  However, instead I am reached by God’s spiritual absolution. Where in a parallel spiritual and physical reality my life has brought me to a crystal clarity, where God has led me in my faith, blessed me in communion with Christ, given me my Church family, and bestowed upon me the union of the most beautiful purest Triune Love.  A Love inseminated by God.  A Love which so inspires me to seek the God in all things.


Christ in His Triune Love, (without guilt or remorse)  allowed for all of the God Blessed opportunities below.  But as individuals today we all still stumble and falter and grapple over a fundamental guilt and fear, left by the stain of Original sin, or maybe many years (or fewer years) of ill-percieved doctrine, or maybe social prejudice and pressure, or social stigma, deciphering or implying our own guilt and participation in Original sin, over that of our inner most God bestowed Truth.  A Beauty and Truth where guilt has no place.  Love.

We should look into every mans eyes to see Christ.

Christ be our example.

I bet today you wouldn’t allow (or be comfortable) for a stranger to enter from the street, and stroke, caress and show their Love and faith in you, by touching and rubbing oil into your body, their skin upon your skin, for peers and others to witness, without feeling shame or guilt or the blemish of sin?

I bet you would neither allow somebody to weep at your feet (let alone a woman judged as being a sinner), nor allow her to use her tears to bathe your flesh, let alone allow her to dry those very same tears with her flowing hair.

Would you take rest and comfort in a Loved ones family home, whilst a beloved sat intimately devoted at your feet, intensely and belovedly listening, whilst you rested in a chair telling stories of your travels, praising them for taking the better part, whilst being observed, scorned and waited on by another.

I bet you wouldn’t  allow for somebody whom you dearly Love of the opposite sex to lavish affection upon you, affection which you welcomed.  To anoint your head and feet in purest nard, in prophecy, whilst in the company of others, who would be sure to disapprove?

Would you openly and publicly weep because you had fallen short and not made it in time to save your dearest beloveds from experiencing the pain, suffering and tragedy of death. Knowing full well that your own heart was breaking, by witnessing the broken hearts and minds of the ones you Loved the most in the world, before you had a chance to put it all right with a miracle.

I wonder would you break all social stigmas as did Christ, by disregarding upheld social conventions and mores, allowing and trusting God’s chosen women to ‘minister unto their gifts’ and share in intimate discipleship, within the sacred realms of the apostles. Refusing to apologise for all relations and breaking all conventions, in order to forge and live a radical new example of Love and Truth.

I wonder if you would dare to lovingly say the words “Noli me Tangier” Not when you were alive, but as Christ did, only when He had finally died, to a woman for whom reaching out so un-self-consciously, and touching her Christ in Love, had become second nature to them both.   Just so as the spirit (at the appropriate time for journeying alone) could proceed to the Father in Heaven.

I wonder then, if we are made in the image and likeness of God, if we ever have the potential to respond as Christ Almighty did.   Instead of constantly fearing being labeled with the tag of Origional sin when we reach out to others in God’s Love.

Alpha to Omega.  Adam to Christ.   A very difficult journey, but one that in Triune relationship with God, a Love that is ever possible.  A journey which in Christ, is clearly paved for all men.  A tangible reality for all of Gods children, who have the courage and Love to trust and respond to Christ’s beautiful example of Truth and Love under the guidance of God, Father Son and Holy Spirit †


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