Wuthering Heights

This is the most brilliant piece of film making I have seen in a long while.

This film is up close and personal…….Intimate in a blood chilling way.

Elemental.  Desperate.  Grim.  Raw.  Bleak.  Harsh.  Hard.  Bitter.  Biting.  Brave.  Tragic. Totally Unforgiving.

It is soul-destroying when Heathcliffe turns to Cathy and asks if it feels right, that she has agreed to marry the affluent Hareton.  Cathy with a haunting  look, slowly touches her head, touches her heart and utters “Here and here….. wherever soul lives…… I feel I am wrong.”

“I could no more forget you than myself.”

Godless……. all but a breathtaking landscape, three advent pink flowers, a handful of red berries and a feather.

Totally brilliant! Go see for yourself.



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