Culture at The Economist

Perfect.  I Love the artistic creative and intelligent artwork on the covers of this weekly editorial, although I rarely have time to scan the insides.   This edition of the Economist looks very interesting.  It appeared in my inbox this morning….. (On further research the below May edition was being used as an advertisement for on-line browsing of past editions) …..By the pure key timing and wording of this advertisement, it seems as if God has a very funny sense of humour, and an Awe inspiring way of teaching us, that something should so powerfully jolt our conscience.

The inspiration and beauty of  The Word and all its deeper meaning in unity and Truth belong to Him.

Me… I’m discovering that I’m just a vehicle ……… ((she dreams))……….  ‘A 1970’s, ever on going, little Ole Split Screen VW Camper Van, painted with flowers and Love hearts. Smiling. Pottering. Authentic.  Trying desperately to avoid the scrap heap, and at times……. failing badly :O/

Maybe,  just maybe,  for once,  I can learn something.

In this issue, we take a look at language as a cultural element that can either work to bridge differences in societies or can be misconstrued so as to create tension and conflict. Examining how artists in China use homophones to out manoeuvre censorship, how Americans are altering the English language to maintain their own identity or how Andy Warhol reinvented the art world through abstract expressionism, it becomes clear that the definition of language need not be confined to verbal expressions but is, in fact, woven into various channels of expression that define any given culture.

‘Volvo’s,  Mercedes,  Porsche’s,  Seat’s,  Peugeot’s and even 1970’s little Ole split screen VW Camper’s, painted with flowers and Love hearts’

That’s all right then.   :O/

And then…. from spiritual direction I grasp, that the Love we feel….. Gods Truth….. Sacred, Beautiful, Honest and True is all a wonderful blessing, and that in our knowing, wonder and wisdom we should understand that there is nothing wrong with feeling so intensely His Love,  but that it all hangs in the expression, and the reception of the expression, of the way we sound His Word.

Oh dear……Why didn’t He just make us all the same and be done with it?

I just begin to believe that I am slowly learning how to channel, quieten and temper the gift of expression,  and then a little bit of God who is Love, bursts right through me again, as if He was forever contained and then suddenly set free.  Maybe this is not such a gift after all.   :O/  x

wild flower….cultivated flower….wild flower….cultivated flower….wild flower cultivated


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