The Eternalness of Love

Peter Owen Jones says “Those of us who attempt to wedge the Divine experience into words always fall short.  We can never really do it, at best we can only show you the light from the diamond not the diamond itself.”

In the bible John has a good bash at it when he says –

 “He that loveth not, knoweth not God; for God is love” – 1 John 4:8 – 1769   K J Bible.

This I believe, is one of only two direct descriptions that we have of God.  That God is Love.

The other is:  “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth.”  John 4:24

Therefore it makes commonsense to me, to believe that if God is Love and Spirit then God is eternal, then Love is eternal.  I believe that the more intensely we feel This Love, the closer to, and the more intensely we feel God.

That aside even before we reach the realms of faith, there are a few facts that we can all universally (secular and faithful) agree as Truth.  This Truth is that we are born, we live, we feel, we die.   There are of course other Truths beyond these, but this is my blog and these are my examples I choose.

Regardless of the fact that we are born, we live and we die, whether we are secular or faithful an absolute part of what we all feel is an energy, a force which we have named love.  An integral feeling that most of us (whether or not we are conscious of it)  are born deeply ‘knowing’ because we experienced that deeply ingrained ‘knowing’ to a greater or lesser degree in its purist form, either pre or at the point of conception, in our mothers body, through the umbilical cord, after birth when caressed to the breast, and when being tenderly held and nurtured in our parents/carer’s arms. This is not a privilege given only to the privileged. This is the universal law of nature, that regardless of culture or social standing we are blessed with a deeper imprint of love, (than we are maybe conscious of) and it is because of this imprint of love that we nurture and love others.  It is so deeply ingrained that we don’t even have to be the mother, the instinct to emanate comes from the warm glow left by the impression made by the origins of this love. The origin of this love (from which we recognise and ‘know’ the imprint through our creation), is Love. Throughout our lifetime we experience and recognise glimpses of this knowing, in its many dilute and different strengths. Sometimes when we give in loving kindness, sometimes when we attempt to express love to one another, and sometimes with even stronger feelings.

I believe that Love, in its absolute Truth and in deepest faith is our beginning and end. In the evidence of my life I have experienced this Love to be eternal.   In death, especially the death of my father, Love is as strong as ever, not only inside of me, but outside of me and beyond me, it did not end with his death.  It has other dimensions, of which a beautiful part was tangible.   Even in divorce, where marriage ends,  the love I have felt, the love I feel, regardless of any other feelings overpowering and making chaos or sorrow of a situation,  the origin of the love, however secular or immature or inferior is never diminished from what it is.  Because regardless of everything, love comes from beyond us, within us, and through us.  Things end.  Life ends.  Marriages lived outside of God end. That said, what is not born of Love falls away.  Love if it is True has no end.  In Jesus, Love personified reveals this.

Since I have come to know God, I have also come to a deeper understanding of Love in triune, in its infinite deepness.  Based on the experience of Love where God is consciously present, I would even go so far as to say, True Authentic Original Love, has no end and no beginning either, it just is. Immediate. Limitless.  Infinite.  Unsurpassable. Undeniable. And sometimes in the deepest silence just by sharing a look everything is understood.

And In my faith I believe this One Sacred Love is God bestowed.

For God is Love.      Eternal.

Paulo Coelho – “A man was walking along the road to Damascus. He recalled his lost love and his soul grieved.
“Pity on those who know love,” he thought. “They will never be happy, with the fear of losing the one they love.”

At that moment he heard a nightingale sing.

– Why do you act like that? – the man asked the nightingale. – Don’t you see that my beloved, who loved your song so much, is no longer here by my side?

– I sing because I am happy – answered the nightingale.

– Haven’t you ever lost someone? – the man insisted.

– Many times – answered the nightingale. – But my love still remains all the same.

And the man went on his way feeling more hopeful.”


Pope Benedict’s homily for the Assumption 2010

All of us today are well aware that by the term “Heaven” we are not referring to somewhere in the universe, to a star or such like; no. We mean something far greater and far more difficult to define with our limited human conceptions. With this term “Heaven” we wish to say that God, the God who made himself close to us, does not abandon us in or after death but keeps a place for us and gives us eternity. We mean that in God there is room for us. To understand this reality a little better let us look at our own lives. We all experience that when people die they continue to exist, in a certain way, in the memory and heart of those who knew and loved them. We might say that a part of the person lives on in them but it resembles a “shadow” because this survival in the heart of their loved ones is destined to end. God, on the contrary, never passes away and we all exist by virtue of his love. We exist because he loves us, because he conceived of us and called us to life. We exist in God’s thoughts and in God’s love. We exist in the whole of our reality, not only in our “shadow”. Our serenity, our hope and our peace are based precisely on this: in God, in his thoughts and in his love, it is not merely a “shadow” of ourselves that survives but rather we are preserved and ushered into eternity with the whole of our being in him, in his creator love. It is his Love that triumphs over death and gives us eternity and it is this love that we call “Heaven”: God is so great that he also makes room for us. And Jesus the man, who at the same time is God, is the guarantee for us that the being-man and the being-God can exist and live, the one within the other, for eternity.


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