Daughter – Elena Tonra

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

I have spent the last few weeks endlessly painting with my iTunes endlessly on playback. For those of you who know me,  you will know that I Love my acoustic music. I have only just personally discovered the acoustic band Daughter.  Singer song writer Elena Tonra is beautiful both to watch and to listen to, she is the artist whose song The Woods I used in the last blog.  I find her gentle subtle character whilst performing so attractive and compelling.  But in sharp contrast to her pretty tunes and vulnerable doe eyed image, her lyrics are full of the desperate torturous, aching ambiguity of unleveled love, and the hellish isolation and sorrow of failing relationships.  She has captured and made visible through her music, the complex dynamic of loving and hurting. And with Laura Marling as her lyrical inspiration we can only anticipate the greatness of things to follow.

Being a new artist, there is only a limited amount of material to show you, but on YouTube you can get a feel for her music.   Some of the gigs have breathtaking architectural church features as their backdrop, and I would imagine that to see her performing live in such a setting would only frame her contemporary acoustic love songs (which use lyrics that evoke heaven thwarted by hell) as graphic as any psalm. The sound is not brilliant on YouTube, so I have chosen the clearest live performance and the only two other studio recorded songs with stills which I could find. On iTunes you can also hunt down a short pod cast (a mini interview) with Elena Tonra, and support her by buying her mini album His Young Heart EP with 4 of her beautiful songs.  There are a few others which although full of sorrow are beautiful too.  Listen to this.

I too know that torturous feeling of Loving and hurting.  I am denied.                               I am not permitted to take the Eucharist.

I have slowly had to learn the deeply intense blessing of spiritual communion with my Beloved.  I believe Daughter needs to master the Love and union of spiritual communion from St Dominic & 9 ways of prayer.   She will never be unfulfilled, broken-hearted, or yearn to belong somewhere else ever again.   She would instead have to find the lyrics of Eternal Love.

Spiritual Loving its AMAZING.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful x



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  1. Manny says:

    Am manny a song writer/singer from Milton Keynes,Just wondering how I can get involved with your blog.Here are links to my music below 


    Kind regards 

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