Nawal El Saadawi, F.G.M and British Rape Trials

A while back I blogged about F.G.M.

Female Genital Mutilation

I then myself out of anger, defiance and celebration responded to that post here


As a doctor and human rights activist,  “Outspoken writer Nawal El Saadawi is one of Egypt’s leading feminists of a generation. This morning she joined Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour to discuss her hopes of real change in the post-revolutionary era”  including her fight since 1950 against both male and female genital cutting.  Being such a deeply ingrained cultural ritual, it is still being carried out 90% of the time, even though being made illegal in Egypt in 2008.  She raises awareness about F.G.M being used as a way of culturally controlling & enforcing ‘monogamy’ and she addresses female sexuality and prejudice within the universal patriarchal class system. There is also a wonderful moment when she talks about her strength inherited from her peasant ancestors.  She passionately talks of her writing being of body, mind and spirit, and briefly touches on some of the things she felt she had to endure in order to overcome her difficulties to express herself.   She previously said “Nothing is more perilous than the truth in a world that lies.”

Nawal El Saadawi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There is then a short piece about depression and using gardening as therapy which some may find interesting.

And then a very poignant debate about the British judicial system for rape victims.  Some would argue that their research proves that not much has changed in the past twenty or so years. This is not encouraging evidence for victims of rape or sexual abuse who fear having to put themselves through the indignity of a trial.   Women’s Hour says “We discuss new research based on the observation of rape and sexual assault trials which is claimed shows that the court experience is failing victims. What problems remain with the criminal justice system and how might it be improved?”

To listen to the full programme click on the link.

radio 4 women\’s hour


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