Aung San Suu Kyi. The Reith Lectures.


I believe that if you really want or need to say something, then you really should  have the freedom and courage to gently clearly and directly speak your Truth.  A soul should not be denied. God will forever inspire us to articulate and seek the Truth.    I also believe that it is an injustice to be wrongly convicted or under house arrest, spiritually or physically.  To communicate yourself directly is so important, for through another you can never be sure that the Truth is spoken or portrayed or returned on your behalf, in Truth either way.

As human beings we want and need to hear the Truth, we want to seek the Truth and we want to work lovingly within that Truth.  We believe in Truth, which is why we pray with all our faith and goodness, for all His guidance healing and direction, and for revelatory Truth in all union and communion.  For anyone to have that freedom denied them is an inhumane violation of their rights and of Gods will.  When we are denied truthful direct communication, we are forced to function in a lesser way than He intended us to. However when we have our human rights and our freedom taken away, God will find another way for us to transcend those earthly restrictions. The rivers never fail to flow back to the one great source.

We are all lovingly responsible for His ministry,   ‘On earth as it is in Heaven’ and no less,

To Love.

In Aung San Suu Kyi’ lecture we hear a quote from Isaiah Berlin who warns against the dangers of the internalization of freedom.    “Spiritual freedom like moral victory must be distinguished from a more fundamentalist sense of freedom and a more ordinary sense of victory, otherwise there will be a danger of confusion in theory and justification of oppression and practice in the name of liberty itself”  Aung San Suu Kyi goes on to say   “There is certainly a danger that the acceptance of spiritual freedom as a satisfactory substitute for all other freedoms could lead to passivity and resignation, but an inner sense of freedom can re-enforse a practical drive for the more fundamental freedoms in the form of human rights and rule of law.” She reminds us all that “The belief in spiritual freedom does not have to mean an indifference to the practical need for the basic rights and freedoms that are generally seen as necessary, that human beings may live like human beings”.

Aung San Suu Kyi Radio 4 Lectures


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