My old car was sold for far less than it was worth to me.  My old car many people thought was an ugly car.  My old car was lovingly resurrected after it’s borderline write off. Frighteningly and severely crunched in torrential rain, on its way to The Sacred Made Real: Spanish Painting and Sculpture 1600 – 1700  exhibition in 2009 (everything was humbly put into perspective when I finally made it).  My car that some said looked like a frog (I thought a dolphin) served me for over 10 faithful years and protected my children as loyally as any friend.   I cried with her,  I sung with her, at times she were my refuge. At times she were my wings.   And over the past 10 years I have slowly aged with her. Now she has gone :O(

This week my (first ever) new vehicle came :O)  which will be paid for in monthly instalments over the next four years.  In this household there is constantly a car (never before a new one) on finance over four years.   It is the only way we can afford our cars. This is a special VW deal whereby you pay only a low rate of interest, all servicing is included, and it comes taxed and guaranteed etc.  Because of the kind of vehicle it is, all the tax can be claimed back through the business.  Cash flow is very tight here.  We survive as do many others by covering overheads.  I had no lump sum of money to buy a new car.  Nobody would trade in my old car, so I sold it and put the money towards the deposit.   I needed something more weather durable, safe and reliable.  We are a family with two cars, the reliable one is regularly away in another part of the country (which left the elderly less reliable one to do the school run and life etc) and in the current location and situation, without moving (which only I would do tomorrow) we can not do without a second vehicle.  (Which I have to admit secretly in my independence pleases me and rescues me from going completely insane)

Frustrated at not being able to personally choose the colour of the vehicle (there was only one vehicle being offered in that spec at the time)  I excitedly asked what the number plate was,  “Oh it’s awful, nothing interesting or memorable at all”  I was told

And the minute I saw it, it was obvious…..Isn’t it ?

C K 1 1 X C R

CK (Christ King ) 11 (2nd person of the holy trinity) X (crucified) CR (on the cross)

This number plate clearly spells   L O V E  :O)

Some people just can’t see the light x


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