Of Gods and Men


The second time around this tenderest of all films about the personal and beautiful humanity of the French Trappist Monks living along side an impoverished community in Algeria touched my soul, and touched it just as deeply as it did the first time.

Both times I was taken a back by how much Brother Luc (Michael Lonsdale) reminded me of my Dad, who died six years ago.   The compassion, the warmth, the humour, the hat, the asthma, his shape, his face, his humanity and his inner conviction of Love generously reaching outwards.  Both times I have known and recognised that man as somebody I Love with my whole being.

Much has been spoken of this award-winning film.  As well as its impending sadness, It has many beautiful moments of which I will only ask you to go and experience for yourself.  It touches the senses in a different way.  From the inside out.  A  dignified way.   The final scene is one of the most poignant endings to a film that I have ever before experienced.  A scene where you want to stagger into the bleakness from your seat, risk your own life and intervene in its injustice…… But instead you are condemned to silence and all you can do is pray.

There are times when I could blood curdlingly scream at the senseless injustice of this world. Times when I could give my life up in order for people to understand that Love is all we have, and that one day soon enough it will be too late to Love upon this earth.  It is so obvious, and still people can not choose to Love first. There are times that I wish I could move away again and again and again, and never stop long enough, to care enough to be disappointed by life’s injustice and lack of Love.   Love that at times people will not express, and yet in it’s place, aim shards that will hurt and wound us.  But instead I keep on loving …….. for Love is all we truly have.

I have no idea how I missed this line from the film the first time around, but the second time around, it was as if God had planted it just for me  “Wildflowers don’t move to find the sun’s rays. God makes them fecund wherever they are.” And so I hold on, wherever I am.



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