I have been rumbled.  Apologies.  This is due to artistic licence.  It has been amusingly and duly noted, that often within the weeks of my posts having been published, they randomly change, having bits added, re worded, taken away, paragraphs tweaked. This is because on re-reading, I suddenly realise that the precise picture I have in my mind (and which I want so accurately to portray) is dilute and ambiguous at times, and that a more precise use of language bestows the greater Truth.   So on reflection, I clarify.

Alas I am no scholar, but I do have such an affection for certain scholars and their erudite minds.  On the one hand I am inspired by those with an economic precision and shrewd and often diamond cut use of language, and then on the other hand I am inspired by those whose poetry and words have a gentle sensitive humility and a refined romantic eloquence, just like our Blessed John Henry Newman, who reassures me when he says,

“To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.”  :O) x

Such a beautiful face


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