St Francis de Sales + Madeleine Peyroux……. Dance me to the end of Lent

I have recently read St Francis de Sales an introduction to a devout life.  Where for once, a religious, is spiritually guiding a young woman.  It is an affectionate book, if there can be such a book.  It has a moral relevance and it has a context.  A context which has a charm which is the same age as my 550 year old antique cottage.

A context where dancing is a sin.

For those of you close enough to me, you will know that I was at heart a dancer,  and closer still that I Love.

There is a small list of things which I believe we should all be blessed enough to experience before we go home, one of them is to tenderly hold your beloved closer than close, and in each others arms sublimely drift away in heavenly dance.  Another is to be wholly and holy blessed, by becoming one, in complete physical, spiritual, mental and emotional union, with your bestowed beloved, and God.  The perfect triune.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Another is to tenderly bathe, cleanse and purify each other.  I pray in Heaven St Francis, that you are blessed with the Grace of Gods beautiful joyful gifts of dance, and union, and I pray that God grants me Grace, when I am called to reverently, sublimely and tenderly dance in pure triunity with Him x

I gave up bread and wine before Lent (church), I use to attend my lovely Mass daily and the fear is that one becomes too reliant upon a religious system which is not allowed to fully embrace me, whilst it reiceves new comers in every Easter, and so I left myself open to constant feelings of rejection.  I needed some perspective.  Having been in the desert now for more than the 40 usual, parched long lonesome days, where my spirit has been both depleted and strengthened in prayer, having desperately missed church, but not missed God because He accompanied me, as close as ever.  I now can’t wait for Lent to be truly over,  so that I can be back where I belong, in communion with my beloved, not just inside my temple, but united in prayer through Mass …….spiritually and heavenly espoused for all eternity.

These final words are from St Francis de Sales:

“Imagine to yourself a beautiful and still night, and think how good it is to see the heaven with its multitude and variety of stars.  Now add to this beauty that of a lovely day, in such wise that the shining of the sun hinders not the clear sight of the stars and the moon; and then say boldly that all this beauty put together is nothing in comparison with the excellence of Paradise.  Oh, how desirable and lovely is this place! how precious is this city!”

Imagine belonging to this preciousness in this moment of eternal paradise, you and your Beloved

“Place yourself in the presence of God”


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