The Crucifixion

Bearing the weight of the cross
Dragging through hopeless hope and humiliation
Until broken of all physical strength
Collapsing.  Prayers aspiring.
Nailed to the very wood with the iron will of Love enduring
The wood once nurtured from the clay, made oxygen for life.
Starving now of any of natures merciful spirit
The stab of human nature piercing the side
The side with the innocent guard down.  The inside.
Everyone who ever failed to Love, modestly shrinking away in self preservation.
Blood red, like teardrops which cannot be contained
A visual outpouring of Love.

What is Love ?
That your body be broken up for me.
That your blood be sacrificed for me.
That your sacrament is denied me.
God is this Yours or human will ?
I Love, where lesser hearts and souls have died
Yet I am being crucified.

There is another way,  My way

Where all our days could be blessed with loving kindness
A lifetime of intimate friendship, explored and shared.
Overflowing with support, kindred warmth, spiritual closeness.
Of understanding, respect, humility and compassion.
And Love of the very closest, eternal kind.
Love held in deepest Truth.
Love without sin.


And still, I will bear the weight of my cross for eternity
For in Truth, He will forever keep me close to you.
For God is Love, and I am too.


About mags

Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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One Response to The Crucifixion

  1. Santo Jude says:

    The wood once nurtured from the clay, made oxygen for life…………genius!

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